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Web hosting is the service offered by b2n:studios to store your web, data, images video or anything you want to have available online.

Every web site needs a hosting so it can be accessible on internet. There you store the files needed for the web so it can work properly.

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A dynamic page is one that its contents are generated automatically. A good example is a page showing a set of products. The power of this kind of page is in the fact that the content is generated using the information stored in a database. That also makes the page more flexible as you may change the order of the products shown.
This information can be modified by you using a control panel. That makes your web a little bit more expensive at first but cheaper in the long run as you can change any content yourself.
A static page is also useful, so if the content of the page won’t change it will be cheaper.
A web page usually has different pages or sections such as the main page, a contact page, a page to describe your company, a photo gallery. A database is a set of data stored dynamically for its later use. Each one of the databases we provide has its ups and its downs depending on the kind of project you want us to develop. Access would be the most simple and affordable and SQLServer the most complete but expensive. With Flash you can create animations and dynamic web sites that have a great visual impact. The control panel is a web application that lets you manage certain contents of your web site using a graphic interface, making it flexible and long lasting as you may either update products, change images, modify texts and anything you find convenient. The domain name is the address that is assigned to a web site so it can be located on line. That domain name must be unique and have less than 63 alphanumeric characters long. The domain must have an extension such as .com, .es or .net. b2n:studios makes true the designs it imagines. You can select the amount of storing space needed based on the kind of web required. You can select the number of mail boxes you need.

b2n:studios makes true the designs it imagines.

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